Once again we’re inviting schools, youth and community groups of all ages to take part in this year’s SIRF Community Carnival.  The carnival is a highlight of SIRF and takes place on Saturday 6 August at 12pm.  It’s a fun and engaging way for groups to develop their creative potential and join in the Tees Valley’s largest community celebration.

There are lots of ways to take part – and we offer participating groups free workshops with an artist to create fantastic costumes or flags for the parade, as well as opportunities to work with local musicians and choreographers.  We also encourage local performance and sports groups to get involved in the event.

The theme of this year’s parade is Mythical Lands and Fantastical Creatures and is inspired by tales of weird and wonderful places that have enchanted people throughout history.  The theme will provide an opportunity to explore these fascinating myths and let your imagination run wild!

Themes and designs from our artists

This year’s theme is inspired by tales of weird and wonderful places that have fascinated people throughout history and the bizarre and fascinating creatures that you might expect to find there. Let your imaginations run wild and explore cities of gold, lands where people live in peace; cities sunken beneath the ocean and places where you can be idle and feast all day long!

The theme takes us on a whistle stop tour around some well-known mythical lands – each section is led by a different artist as below:

  1. Shangri-La by Morwenna Catt
  2. El Dorado by Creative Seed
  3. Camelot by Kim McDermottroe
  4. Atlantis by Shirley Wells
  5. Olympus by Sarah Riley
  6. Cloud Cuckoo Land by Jo Foley

If you would like find out more about taking part in the carnival, contact Lyndsey Stephenson, Arts Development – tel: 01642 527696, email: carnival@stockton.gov.uk

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