Circus meets sculpture in this exciting new show from Ockham’s Razor. The performers, like surfers on a wild sea, ride a giant semi-circular seesaw made of wood and steel which creaks and groans as it transforms from a catapult, a gently rocking cradle, a tunnel, a slide – creating an ever changing land and soundscape.

The show is about three people coming face to face with their biggest challenge and the different ways they deal with it.

Commissioned by Without Walls, Stockton International Riverside Festival, Greenwich + Docklands International Festival, Out There International Festival of Circus & Street Arts, Norfolk & Norwich Festival, Salisbury International Arts Festival, Circulate and Stratford Circus Arts Centre.

Showing at

  1. Sat 04 Aug 2018

    14.45-15.30 (45 mins)


  2. Sun 05 Aug 2018

    14.00-14.45 (45 mins)


  3. Sun 05 Aug 2018

    20.00-20.45 (45 mins)


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