La Tortue de Gauguin is a spectacular and impressive piece of artistic choreography, blending painting, theatre, music and narration, exploring the mysteries and the ambiguities of art.

It is a 9×5-metre, four-storey structure. The first storey hosts a narrator and musician, and the upper stories house artists perched behind the screen panels made of transparent, retractable plastic  canvases on which they paint throughout the performance.

The choir of painters produce drawings, paintings, selfies, sacred images and Gauguin copies.  Beautiful paintings flit across the stage until all the canvases disappear. La Tortue de Gauguin fascinates with its use of light and shadow, brush techniques and acting, all carried out live  and in real time, without any trickery and in keeping with the temporary and volatile spirit of theatre, destroyed at once.

“I heard that during one of his stays in the Marquesas Islands, Paul Gauguin had the idea of painting  directly on the shell of a young live turtle lost on a beach. I like to think that, thanks to this species’ long  life span, one of the painter’s works, far from the avarice of speculators, still continues to swim back and  forth today in the ocean depths, in its own little mobile museum. What anecdote could be more appropriate to illustrate our desire to offer the public a singular vision of art and particularly of  painting?” 

Luc Amoros

Performed in French and English.

Showing at

  1. Fri 03 Aug 2018

    22.00-23.00 (60 mins)


  2. Sat 04 Aug 2018

    22.00-23.00 (60 mins)


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