We’re looking for people of all ages and backgrounds to be part of SIRF17 and our special 30th Birthday celebrations.  Volunteers are being sought to participate in a variety of performances that will form this year’s special anniversary programme. We have opportunities across a number of the fun and friendly daytime shows, including simple acting and dancing roles.

To find out more contact Jan Doherty, jan.doherty@stockton.gov.uk 01642 526465

We’re looking for eight very special people to work with South Korean company CCOT on their wonderful show, Massager‘CCOT'(‘flower’ in Korean) is a Korean troupe of performers, painters and musicians. ‘CCOT’ has worked on alternative spaces and outdoor, exploring the depths of life through integrating the mediums of poetry, painting, installation art, and video art.

Massager is an installation performance co-created with “citizen performers” through workshops and performance.  An art therapy performance that is all the more beautiful for its transience. “We are all strangers, foreigners, immigrants and even refugees to each other. But we are the same human in the point of view that we are commonly fragile and vulnerable. We’ll have a special and precious opportunity to meet each other not as strangers but as body to body and human to human…”

The “citizen performers”, will work with CheolSung to learn the skills to be street massagers and performers.   For the show, each will give a special paper massage to an invited audience member to create a ‘Paper Human’ as a copy of their body.  This is followed by an beautiful and dramatic performance involving  the “citizen performers” and the invited audience members exploring the susceptibility of humans  to wind, water and fire and reminds us all of the fragility of life.

The show is created with “citizen performers” at workshops in ARC between Saturday 29th July – Thursday 3rd August, then the performances on 4th, 5th and 6th August.  A provisional timetable is:

Saturday 29th July             5 – 8pm Workshop

Monday 31st July              5 – 8pm Workshop

Tuesday 1st August          5 – 8pm Workshop

Wednesday 2nd August  5 – 8pm Workshop

Thursday 3rd August        4 – 7pm Workshop

Friday 4th August              3.30–4.30 Performance

Saturday 5th August         2 – 3pm Performance

Sunday 6th August            3 – 4pm Performance

We will provide refreshments for performers during the week in our artists catering. And we are happy to pay expenses to compensate them for some of the costs associated with volunteering, such as travel and time up to £40 a day.

The director of the show, CheolSung, is a lovely, inspiring man and this will be a wonderful experience for participants

We also have fantastic opportunities to be part of SIRF’s shows including Bouazizi and The Baina Trampa Fritz Fallen.

To find out more contact Jan Doherty, jan.doherty@stockton.gov.uk 01642 526465

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