Our Carnival theme for 2014 is Voyages of Discovery inspired by great adventures, explorations and inventions. We have worked with six professional artists who have created a range of wonderful things for the parade, all split into six subsections.

The sections are:

  • Outer space, exploring the stars and the discoveries of astronauts and their encounters
  • Great Explorers, exploring the discoveries and adventures of famous explorers
  • The big bang, exploring science and inventions
  • Journey to the centre of the Earth, go under the ground to discover hidden treasures and ancient findings
  • The High Seas, exploring famous voyages of the water
  • Travel the World to explorer different cultures and traditions

Our artists this year are, Shirley Wells, Morwenna Catt, Eilidh Bryan, Emma Garofalo, Sandy & Garner Harris from Creative Seed and Kim McDermottroe.

Take a look at our wonderful carnival artist’s designs to see what you could find on Stockton High Street this year!

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