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SIRF Correspondents

SBC Correspondents – the dream team!

Throughout the Festival weekend, we aim to capture all things SIRF and share them on our social media feeds! As a group, we have the mission of trying to capture all the acts, even the ones you miss, from the perspective of a person living in Stockton-On-Tees.

Pictures, videos and having one-to-one interviews with all the acts build up our portfolio to give you a little bit more of that SIRF magic. Visit our social media feeds facebook, twitter and instagram, to see our interviews, backstage access and so much. We hope to give you the VIP access straight to your devices so make sure to take a look!

If you by chance see us at upcoming events, we’re the ones wearing the bright blue and (some of us) black t-shirts with a huge lightbulb on the back, make sure to come and chat to us! We would be thrilled to be able to give you some light insight into the volunteer based project and maybe you might be able to get a selfie with one of us.

A major thank you for all the support you have gave us through the years!


SBC Correspondents

Bright minds big futures


SIRF at Home 2020

We were really disappointed we couldn't make it to SIRF 2020 on the High Street. Instead we have been getting involved in SIRF at Home. We have created this short film which highlights how the BMBF Correspondents have been involved over the past few years. We hope you enjoy!


Read the Correspondents SIRF19 blog...

02-08-19 Opening Show 

After an incredible amount of months planning - SIRF19 has officially began and, let me be the first to say, I was astounded! Over the past few days, myself and a few of the correspondents have been fortunate enough to visit the act’s sets and meet with some of Companies like Generik Vapeur which was fantastic. To understand, from their point of view, the message behind the shows is wonderful and gives a different dynamic to the shows. But, nothing (And I mean nothing!) can prepare you for the rollercoaster of emotions you go through when you watch the show as an audience. The overall feeling of the crowd is infectious and at SIRF you see the community collaborate as one which is inspiring to me as a young adult.

With a new year of SIRF means another wave of new Correspondents! This year’s additions have been superb; the standard they have set is so high that even the BFG couldn’t reach it. However, let us not forget our more experienced SBC Correspondents and you all were on top form tonight! Our feeds have never been so lively and that’s not just because of the Rajasthani Heritage Band, who were so outstanding that they even had me giving the classic two step to the beat. On a more serious note, we are super proud of you all and we can’t wait to see you in action over the upcoming weekend.

Also, a ginormous thank you to everyone in the general public who came and spoke to us today! The support we get from the Borough is unbelievable and only makes us want to work even harder. If you see us over the weekend, which I guarantee you, just pull us over for a quick chat, we’d love to tell you more about our role and you might even get a picture with our selfie frame.

Ooo I am getting really excited for this weekend, I can’t get to sleep - it’s like Santa Claus is coming, but like in August. Anyway, my thoughts are getting ahead of me so I better try to get to sleep now but I will see you all very soon!

SBC Correspondent

03-08-19 What a day...

What a day... SIRF19 continues to not disappoint! The acts, the atmosphere and the audience have all been astounding! Back in the correspondent base, Calvin House or Calvin Harris as our lovely Co-ordinator calls it, we have all been saying how amazing this year of SIRF has been so far and it’s only going to get better! Singling out acts this year is just impossible because when we’re asked what’s the best act, we all just simply know the answer... The whole programme. If I was forced and I mean forced to single some out I would have to say Fantabulosa’s Tickertape Parade is beautiful and perfect for the entire family. The kids will be in awe and the parents will be tapping away to the superb soundtrack! Also, do not miss Spitz & Co’s performance, it will leave you speechless (I know this for a fact because I was left speechless!).

One thing that can’t be left unmentioned is the quality of posts that the correspondents have been writing. If you haven’t checked them out yet, make sure to take a look at all of our social media feeds the links are just above the blog posts. As an experienced correspondent who is now doing this for a third year running, I feel old by saying that, I have been blown away by the creativity and personal touch that each correspondent is bringing to this year. Proud is an un-derstatement... Keep up with the outstanding work guys!

As well as corresponding our lovely volunteers have been busy at work by being part of perfor-mances! From Jamie’s lifting skills to Netanya’s crowd pleasing performances and let’s not for-get Elise’s personalised BMBF sign, all the correspondents have been pushing themselves to the limit to give you all back at home a SIRF filled news feed which we hope you are liking!

As well as the brilliant acts, we would also like to say a massive thank you to the suppliers at the Festival Village and the caterers at Arc for feeding our correspondents appetite. We all know what young people are like when we get hangry!

Anyhoo, I better get myself to bed now and get a few hours of sleep! If not, I know that the idea of Community Carnival will keep me right awake tomorrow! Hope to see you all tomorrow be-hind the glitter and sparkles...

SBC Correspondent

04-08-19 One word - WOW!

I have been left completely speechless by this edition of SIRF. Year upon year, I visit Carnival and think how does it get better than this and each year I am proved wrong. The energy radiating of this year’s parade was infectious - the Diva girls had me giving my all to ‘Wannabe’, the Apollo drummers had me bouncing away to their beats, and do not get me started on the floating crab… I almost got engulfed into it! As a group, us correspondents feel so grateful to be part of the carnival each year so a huge thank you SIRF!

Alongside the crazy carnival, we’ve had the pleasure of seeing and capturing some brilliant acts today like Spitz and Co; a show which was inspiring yet hilarious - remember “Sisters are doing it for themselves”! We also had a blast with Back Chat Brass Band in the High Street, our correspondents were throwing some moves I have never seen before. Also, loved seeing all ‘Single Ladies’ of Stockton put their hands up (I know I did; thanks to all the Correspondents who captured that lovely moment – yes that was sarcasm!), you all rocked it! To finish of the day, myself and a few correspondents took a trip down to Church Road to see Muljil by Elephants Laugh. I was super invested in this show because over the past week I have been fortunate enough to visit some of the rehearsals however, to see the full production live alongside the rest of Stockton-On-Tees is an experience I will never forget! I was just in awe of the act, but my favourite part had to be the little choreography we performed as an audience. Moments like these are the reason I enjoy volunteering at SIRF because it shows the real Stockton which we sometimes forget but thank you to everyone who makes those memories for me!

I know I am being repetitive however I will never have enough praise for this year’s correspondents! As a group, they have all approached this year’s festival with an incredible work ethic and they even make me (who is tired and stressed most of the time) completely love what I’m doing with all their beautiful personalities. So, thank you once again, not just for your outstanding work, but for putting a smile on my face!

I can’t believe that tomorrow is the last day, all of us SBC Correspondents just do not want it to end but as the saying goes all good things must come to an end. However, this is just the start for us correspondents and, fingers crossed, it will only get better from here! As French Montana once said ‘I’m all the way up’.

Anyway, time for bed! I will see you all at the Riverside tomorrow evening to watch the tremendous Theatre Tol’s Hotel Watercage…

Night night
SBC Correspondent

05-08-19 All good things must come to an end

The SIRF weekend was over in a flash and that wasn’t just because of the thunderstorm we experienced on finale night… But the rain was not going to stop the exceptional performance from taking place. Instead, it set a different atmosphere to the show which brought a newfound dynamic to the show. Hotel Watercage exceeded all of my expectations and I was in awe of the performers and the story they portrayed. The music, the lighting, the dancers were simply outstanding and us correspondents were blown away (apologies for the second weather pun; I swear it was accidental) in the front row. To top it off, we ended the festival in true Stockton-On-Tees tradition – fireworks and, let me tell you something, they did not disappoint.

Throughout Sunday, us correspondents were still capturing all things SIRF including ‘That Parking Show” which was hilarious and gave a little bit of light-hearted banter to Stockton High Street. Some of us older correspondents were fortunate to experience the ticketed event ‘A Moment of Madness’, the concept was so different that we’re amazed by the thought and planning that went into the show. Also, acting as an MI5 agent for all of it was a bonus… until Jess beeped the car horn in an essential moment. Well done Jess! One of the final acts, we participated together as a larger group was the ‘Ragroof Tea Dance’ by Dorothy’s Shoes. The correspondents were able to jive away all their worries and end SIRF19 on absolute high thanks to the macarena a few of us pulled out.

Talking about the correspondents, words cannot describe how proud us senior mentors are of you all and the work you produced over the long weekend. It was outstanding. Kameron has this to say about the weekend - “Fantastic event, showcasing our borough at it’s best! Also, a major thanks to all of our correspondents; you did brilliant”. From myself, I just want to say a major thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to you all because you gave revitalised the face of the correspondents to everyone in the borough. You are all outstanding individuals and I will never be able to stop saying thank you.

As for the people of Stockton, what can I say? Each year the audience surprises me with the energy and positivity they bring to the centre. From the opening act to the closing, Stockton continued to guarantee there was never a dull moment in the festival so thank you to everyone who came.

Now the countdown begins… SIRF20 is back on the 30th July and we are so excited to see you all.

See you next year!

SBC Correspondent