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BMBF Correspondents

BMBF Correspondents – the dream team!

Throughout the Festival weekend, we aim to capture all things SIRF and share them on our social media feeds! As a group, we have the mission of trying to capture all the acts, even the ones you miss, from the perspective of a person living in Stockton-on-Tees.

Pictures, videos and having one-to-one interviews with all the acts build up our portfolio to give you a little bit more of that SIRF magic. Visit our social media feeds Facebook, Ticktok and Instagram, to see our interviews, backstage access and so much. We hope to give you the VIP access straight to your devices so make sure to take a look!

If you by chance see us at upcoming events, we’re the ones wearing the bright blue hoodies with a huge lightbulb on the back, make sure to come and chat to us! We would be thrilled to be able to give you some light insight into the volunteer based project and maybe you might be able to get a selfie with one of us.

A major thank you for all the support you have gave us through the years!


BMBF Correspondents

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