Amer i Africa - ENVÀ

Amer i Africa - ENVÀ

Amer and Àfrica


Between 250kg of straw and 125kg of human mass, two people play around through movement, balance, humour and composition of space, exploring the peculiarities of human relationships. 

ENVÀ (in Catalan) is a thin wall that is constructed to separate spaces. People often build mental walls that protect us from a serious emotional danger regarding others. We spend our lives looking for a way to free ourselves and all we need is to knock that wall down.


Show credits: Project selected by the Funds for creation of the cooperation project De Mar a Mar, in the frame of the POCTEFA programme. With the support of La Central del Circ, La Grainerie, Hameka. With the support of INAEM, Generalitat de Catalunya departament de Cultura, Institut Ramon Llull, Xarxa Transversal.

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