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Do What Yah Mamma Told Yah

Do What Yah Mamma Told Yah

Just More Productions


family friendly

Join Chef Messy Mama T' and her assistant Tiny, Tidy T', on a colourful journey through Mama’s kitchen! Once all the lemons have been juggled, the plates spun, the flaming pans put out, it's time for the grand finale, where the clumsy assistant finally gets a taste of the food! It's so good, so sweet! Suddenly Tiny T' is no longer clumsy, gains superpowers and hula hoops 50 hulas in one go! Just More Productions is a new community development company, using food history and performance to educate and entertain. Vibrant and friendly educational performance’s bringing cultures and communities together.

Supported by Without Walls and commissioned by SIRF and Just So Festival.