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Harmonic Fields

Harmonic Fields

Lieux Publics


In the "air of the times", without electricity, without a computer, Harmonic Fields is an invitation to an exceptional journey. A concert that goes beyond the show, an original sensory experience, a journey to the heart of music.

The wind is a formidable composer. Who hasn't whistled with the wind and its harmonics? Based on this idea, Pierre Sauvageot has invented a wind symphony of 500 instruments including harmonic cellos, vibrating drums, glockenspiel mills, bamboo whistles, propeller-sirens, gyratory music boxes, Balinese scarecrows, chromatic tepees, pentatonic grails, sound bows, flute trees and fishing rods. The musical composition of Harmonic Fields is a mastery of assembly, a dialogue between resonance, space and temporalities.

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