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Cie Bivouac


French street theatre company, Bivouac, will perform their show Perceptions for the first time in the UK as our official festival launch on Friday.

Avanti Display will set the scene with a musical excerpt ‘A Bit of Crow’ from their new commission ‘Crow’ for 2023. As the High Street is filled with haunting music all focus will be drawn to the grandness of the magnificent structure for the phenomenal show Perceptions.

Expect to be mesmerised as the company take you on a journey to define what is “real”. Cie Bivouac invite you to dream of other realities with this thought provoking show. Drawing from a visual vocabulary of the world of quantum physics, the show focuses on matter and movement, emptiness and gravity, where the infinitely large meets the infinitely small. As we question man’s place in the world, his perception, and understanding of it.