Ray Lee - Congregation

Ray Lee - Congregation

Ray Lee


A sonic mystery-tour. 

Let Ray Lee’s magic sonic spheres take you on a mystery tour across Stockton to a secret location, guiding you by sound alone.

Your job is to keep the sphere happy by going in the right direction. Remember, only the sphere knows where you are being taken!

If you go the right way it will let you know by making a ‘happy’ sound, but if
you start to go the wrong way it will sound sad.

Please note; this show is free but ticketed. Tickets are available in advance from SIRF Central one hour before advertised starting time.

Important information

  1. Starting points are 5-15 minutes walk from SIRF Central – all but one are fully accessible
  2. Walking distance is between 1 and 2 km
  3. Each sphere can be used for 1 person or small groups
  4. Please allow 45-60 minutes for this performance
  5. No minimum age but under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult


Show credits: Supported by Without Walls. Commissioned by Norfolk & Norwich Festival and Out There International Festival Of Circus & Street Arts with initial support from the National Theatre Studio, Appetite – Stoke-on-Trent, Oxford Brookes University and 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Centre.R&D investment through Without Walls Blueprint.

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