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Anthony Lo-Giudice


Anthony Lo-Giudice has worked with young creatives from across the North East to create two pre-show performances inspired by ROMA’s music and movement.

Trinity Church is the setting for ROMA, a dance theatre production from Teesside raised choreographer Anthony Lo-Giudice that explores the notions of belonging, nationhood, and cross cultural identity.

Within ROMA, Anthony crafts the intimate musings of his mother’s accounts of a failed love story, whilst attempting to build a home for her son in the absence of a father figure.

ROMA meditates on a quest for someone to love and for a place to call home, entangled within the complexities of heritage, tradition, language and family.

Roma - promotional trailer 2022 from Anthony Lo-Giudice on Vimeo.

Ticket Information

Free but ticketed. Tickets are released two hours before each show time. Available from SIRF Central on a first come, first served basis.