The Band at the End of the World!

The Band at the End of the World!

Ramshacklicious Theatre Company


Five musicians arrive, dressed in punk marching band attire and with the intensity of the inevitable end of the world burning through their eyes. Their simple existence, struggle and joy is unraveled and played out through a series of beautiful striking imagery and audience interactions ranging from gentle to manic.

Be prepared as they take you into the next phase switching over to the new dawn, into the next frequency of consciousness. All supported by a partly improvised cinematic score played live by the musical ensemble. A humorous and emotional re-styling of the traditional street band.

Supported by Without Walls. Commissioned by Freedom Festival Art Trust , SeaChange Arts. Co-commissioned by Hastings Borough Council & OnSet. The invisible Circus & The Point, Eastleigh. Additional support by 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space